{7 month Session|Keelyn}Clinton Indiana Children Photographer

Here we are in Keelyn’s 7th month photos. This time the theme is Easter! I think this boy could make dirt look cute, don’t you? His smile is infectious. I simply adore this boy.

I love the idea that his mom has for his 8th month photos. Here are his pictures. :)

{Easton|”BIRTHday”}Clinton Indiana Newborn Photographer

I’ve done a few hospital newborn shots for my Tiny Blessing families! I completely and totally love it! Last night however was the first time I went just hours after the baby was born. The entire family was there waiting to get their eyes and hands on that little guy. :)

Jessica’s labor started around 11 p.m Monday night and she went in to the hospital at around 1 a.m. The family waited anxiously all day for Easton to arrive, but we all know how babies are. :) We got the last update that Jess was at 10cm so I knew that at any minute I would get the call to come…..and I waited….and waited. ha! After about 2 1/2 hours of pushing they made the decision to do a C-section. Well no wonder! Easton is a big boy!! He was born 9 lb 6 oz and 21 1/2 inches long. He has the most biggest hands I have seen on a newborn. I hope my little hats fit him. lol He is definitely going to play football.

I’ll be meeting up with the new family on Saturday, so until then, here is a slideshow of my visit.

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{Newborn Session|Aviv}Indianapolis Indiana Newborn Photographer

This session took place in Indianapolis. It is also the last session in which Jen from Jen Rinaldi Photography came with me before flying back to Virginia.

This is such a wonderful family. As I shot, I learned that they had tried a couple of times to book sessions, but it hadn’t seemed to work out. I am so glad that if finally came together for us. Terez and Eldad are such lovely people!

Jen was with me to lend a hand and give some tips that she’s learned from other newborn photogs. Here are a lot of my favorites from the session!

{Josh|High School Senior Session}Clinton Indiana High School Senior Photographer

Josh is a Senior at S.V. H. S. in Clinton. He is graduating next month!

I met Josh when I photographed his sister’s wedding this past October. He has such a wonderful family! The whole family, along with Josh’s girlfriend met up Jen and I at Fairbanks Park. The weather has been so beautiful for sessions and this day was no different.

Jen Stow of Jen Rinaldi Photographer (http://blog.jenrinaldiphotography.com/) was here for this session too. :)

Here are a few of my favorites!

{Jamie & Jon|Engagement Session} Clinton Indiana Photographer

Jamie and Jon are getting married June 16. After spending almost 2 hours with them, I can not wait for their wedding! I think these two are awesome together and they are so much fun to be around. They both have wonderful personalities, but Jon is a character. :) I had so much fun with them and  Logan.

Jamie and Jon met at the Little League Baseball field. Jamie’s son Logan was playing there. They had their first date at the local DQ and the rest is history. Here are a lot of my favorites from their session.

Jamie and Jon…you both are awesome!! (If I messed up the story, let me know..haha)

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{6 Month Session~Blakely/Terre Haute Indiana Infant Photographer}

I love getting together with this family. Little Blakely is such a cutie! It was very blustery and just a wee bit chilly when we met up, so we made this one of the quickest sessions ever. :)

Here are some of my favorites from their session.

Today, I’m 40

I’ve always said that I’m not such a fabulous writer. That being said, I wanted to do a little post about my birthday today.

I’ve been pondering on the fact that I was getting ready to turn 40 and that caused me to become a little more reflective on my life. I was married at 19, so my twenties started off with getting to know my husband. Heck, we were both babies and really had a lot of growing up to do. That meant mistakes, arguments, making up. My life changed forever when I asked Jesus into my heart. We lost two babies before finally having our beautiful, talented baby girl. Then, at 28 we got the horrible news that our mom had cancer and at 29 we buried her. My thirties brought some changes….actually, I think the beginning of my thirties were kind of a numbing blur because in June of 2003 we lost our dad to cancer. Pretty stinky way to start a decade, huh? It gets better though.

After dad died I found I was pregnant again, but lost the baby. It was really hard considering we had just lost our dad. I prayed and we decided to try one more time. In 2004 our little Emmalie was born. She was and is such a bright ray of sunshine and was the first good thing that had happened to our family.

The remainder of my thirties have been pretty awesome. I finally found something my heart sings at doing. I feel like I had been searching all this time for a job that was my “fit”. I know I have found it in photography. My husband and I will be married 21 years in May. Our relationship is stronger and more solid then it has ever been. Our girls are great and I love my life.

Since I entered into a new decade today, I bought (finally) a wireless trigger for my camera. I’ve been taking more candid shots lately with my cell phone of my girls and I and other things. I’ve been thinking more often about capturing me with my girls to document that I was here. My friend Danielle is my inspiration for this. She is capturing everything about her boys and her.









Don’t mind the fact that I’m on the bed. My husband hates that, but that is the best light in the house. :)

{6 Month Session~Keelyn} Terre Haute Indiana Infant Photographer

I was behind on my posts when Keelyn was born so I don’t think I ever did a post about him. I’ll rectify that now. :)

I have been friends with his mom since my 7 year old was 11 months old. Her girls and my little one are more like sisters than friends. This little guy is soo full of joy. Whenever I go over to their house to pick my daughter up, he is just smiling up a storm. I love him so much! It’s no wonder his mommy kisses him so much.

1 month

2 months

We missed his 3rd month so here is his 4 month

5 month


Here is his 6 month session

{9 Month Session ~ “C”} Terre Haute Indiana Photographer

I’m often asked what my favorite sessions are and that is such a hard question to answer. I love different parts of certain sessions. Even though newborns take a lot of work and patience, I love how tiny they are. I love to capture the love of that the parents and siblings feel towards this new life. I could shoot newborn sessions every day. I also love shooting infants when they are able to sit up. They don’t crawl yet, their personalities are starting to emerge with big smiles and laughs. Then fast forward to the toddler stage, LOVE the energy and them running all over and just enjoying life! I love the older kids and their ability to take direction…I love boosting confidence in preteens. Senior sessions are awesome too. So many directions their lives can take…sigh. <3

Anyway, I said all that to say that I loved this session!! I have actually loved every session that I’ve had with this family. The little one….oooh he’s just so cute!! I also love the oldest one. He is ALL boy! I love his energy. His mom takes pictures….I’ll bet she gets a ton of awesome photographs of him in action. Love it!!


{9 Month Session ~ “L”} Avon Indiana Infant Photographer

Scott and Sarah came down from Avon to my house for “L”s 9 month session. He is such a beautiful baby! He’s so shy and he has the bluest eyes! When they came here we had some snow still on the ground so I thought to photograph the little one in some snow. He didn’t care for that too much. We’ve only had one, maybe two snows this winter. Today it feels like spring. I have a feeling that we will get some snow before the winter season is all over.

I got this backdrop from Photo Prop Floors and Backdrops. You can find all that they offer here: http://www.facebook.com/PhotoPropFloorsandBackdrops. From what I’m reading on their page, their website is looking to go live pretty soon.



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