Neat Silhouettes

I see a lot of wedding photographers doing silhouettes with their couples and the effect is amazing! Bobbi + Mike is one of many that do this. So, one evening I asked my oldest to stand in between me and the sun. I didn’t get many shots or great shots for that matter…..but I practiced it anyway.

Hog Show-Vermillion County 4-H

Last night I went to the Hog show to take photos of B. and her sister S. The judge was talking about the hogs and some of his terminolgy was over my head. Alright, ALL of his terms went over my head. He talked about how the ribs of the pig needed to explode????? What does that mean? If someone is pig/hog saavy, let me know. LOL

The Vermillion County 4-H Queen showing her pig.

A few more from the wedding

This first photo was way underexposed, but I just loved the look and the pose. The wedding coordinator was behind L. fixing her dress so I had to figure out a way to remove the coordinator. This is my attempt. I think I kind of like it…reminds me of an antique feel to it.

More from the reception

These kids really stole the show while I was there, it seems. What adorable children!! I’m not sure why some of them look so pixelated. I’ve noticed that in other pictures i’ve posted too. I assure you that the orginals don’t look like that.

Re-edit of a photograph

I really was trying to go for a “painted” look in this photo. The other one had some minor issues with it. I still loved it, but knew that it wasn’t the actual look I was going for. So, last night I tried again. This one, I think, has more of the look of a painting.

Yes….there is more and more…..

I’m editing the actual wedding now. Looking at some of the images I think, “eh, could be better”, other images I’m think, “sweet! I didn’t know I caught this one.” LOL

The little ones had fun too

Okay, a quick post before heading to bed. Since I took the privacy off the website for their gallery, Lindsay and Will and their families should be able to view the site without any problems. ;o)

I’m trying to work through the pictures as quickly as possible so that I can put the buy option on the site for any family members that would like to purchase prints. Give me another week or so.

Little Miss E was so hot, I think. She decided to set this one out.

This one I just HAD to add. Doesn’t it just scream, ‘your gonna get it?’

I kept chuckling as I was editing this. LOL

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