My study today of selective light

I call it selective only for the simple reason that this was light that was shining through the trees on random plants. I was off today and both girls were in school/daycare, I decided to look around the area of my house for things to photograph. When I walked across the street to the field, I noticed how some stray rays of light were almost spotlighting the milo stalk. (I think it’s milo, so if it’s not, feel free to correct me.)

That got me thinking about doing a little series of photographs all with this selective light. I used Pioneer Woman’s boost action in only a few of the photos. I tried to keep them all true to life only using a slight levels adjustment or bumping up the contrast a smidge. I shot in ISO 400. Some may not be tack sharp, but that is okay for me.



I love the sun rays in the upper left of the image!

I love the sun rays in the upper left of the image!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. JRP
    Aug 19, 2008 @ 01:05:41

    julie – these are so lovely!

    what a great thing you spotted w/ the light peeking through on nature’s beauty!

    and that star burst is natural?!?! WOW!

    1 & 7 really caught my eye!!

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