Elizabeth H~S.V.H.S. Senior

Bridgeton, Indiana

Okay, we did this session in two days after she got off from school. On the first day, it was cold and very cloudy. I’ve said several times that I prefer to shoot with no clouds in sight. I know that is strange, but for me, it’s much easier to find shade and use very minimal flash in bright sunny days. Wednesday she and I along with Ashley from my first senior session, went to Bridgeton, Indiana. Elizabeth totally rocked out these pictures. I couldn’t believe the locations that we were able to find in just a small area. These really are cool shots. At the end of our session, we got some SAAWEEETTT light!!!!!!!! The sunset light was amazing. I’m totally loving every picture from Wednesday.

Here is a video along with some larger images of my favorites.


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Wally, the wall-eyed fish

Wally, the wall-eyed fish

 These guys were fishing when we were doing the shoot, and one suggested that she take a picture with the biggest fish I have ever seen. LOL

LOVE this image!!!!!!!

LOVE this image!!!!!!!

Elizabeth H~Senior Session Preview


Clinton, Indiana

I’m only posting one as a preview. We went out yesterday to do day one of her session. We split it into two days since we were shooting during the weekday and I didn’t want to run out of available light. I’m glad that we did because yesterday was so cold. You are such a good sport Elizabeth. I can’t wait to shoot more of you on Wednesday.

The “B” Family pt 2

I shared a few from this session last week; but since I finished their photos, I thought I would share some more. I was so glad to be able to photograph this wonderful family. Thanks again for asking me. (Grins)

Lifestyle sessions

I just wanted to share a few photographs that I took of my little girl to show as examples of what your lifestyle session would include. In lifestyle sessions, I will photograph your child(ren) playing and interacting with you and their siblings. The photographs shown below were just taken as we were walking and interacting. I think that this type of photography style shows the subjects true personality and captures it for all time. The weather is getting cooler, but if you are still interested in booking a lifestyle session email me, I’d love to set something up with you.

Engagement Session Preview

Deming Park

Terre Haute, Indiana

This session took place during the “B” family session. I had a session in a session. (Big grins) I just finished editing this photo and I have to say I LOVE it!!!!!

I just wanted to post this one photograph. I’ll be sharing more as I get them all edited.


I found this site from viewing other blogs. I think it is such a cool tool. You do have to pay, I believe, to have a full length video. I just chose to do a 30 second video for now to try it out. I think I could be hooked. LOL


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Experimenting with texture (more added)

I just thought I would share a photo that I did using a texture that I found on Flickr. Flickr has thousands of free textures for download. I haven’t even seen all the textures available. When you get to flickr, just type in free textures and start browsing. Anyway, so I found this photo in my August files and decided to see what I could do with it. I coverted it to black and white using the Gradient Map and then adjusted the curves to give the photo a little more contrast. Then I applied this texture over it and adjusted the opacity a bit. I also used the eraser tool to take away a little of the texture over her face, as I didn’t want her face to be completely covered.

Textured words used from Peppermint Creative

Textured words used from Peppermint Creative

click to enlarge

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A little bit of Fall

The leaves are slowly starting to change here in Indiana. There is nothing that makes me stop and go “WOW!”, but little by little signs of fall are starting to emerge. We’ve gotten out our jackets, even had our heat on a time or two already. I really hate the smell of the furnace starting up for the first time, yuck! lol

I try to get “E” out to look for the changing colors. It’s fun to hear the songs that she learns at daycare the revolve around fall. They are quite clever.

The following pictures were taken a couple of days ago. Just some random shots to share. In the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some photographs from the Post Prom event taking place on Saturday the 11th, followed by the Crank Family’s Newborn session with little “X” and his big sister “A”. I can’t wait to meet this family.

If you are in my area and have been considering booking a session, I encourage you to e-mail me very soon as I am running out of weekend dates for October. I am considering opening up evening times during the workweek to accomodate some families. My e-mail is JulieLawsonphotography@yahoo.com.