Looking for milkweed

The greatest poem ever known
Is one all poets have outgrown:
The poetry, innate, untold,
Of being only four years old.
~Christopher Morley, To a Child

We have a field across from our house and this year they planted milo. Well, they finally came and harvested it. “E” and I had tried earlier in the year to look for milkweed and explore that area but the weeds and crops were so high that we struggled to get through it. On this day we were able to get right to the milkweed and we also found this huge leaf. “E” is becoming quite the little model lately. I asked her to put the leaf up to her face so we could show how big the leaf was compared to her face. Well, I got a lot of shots of her because she is starting to love posing.

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More of Ashley H

I finished up Ashley’s Senior session and wanted to share some of my favorites from that day. She really is refreshing, sweet, and funny. I’m so glad that she found me.

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Studio portraits

Getting pictures of my oldest is just about as hard as getting pictures of my youngest. I secured a session with another Senior today, which I’m thrilled about. For this Senior’s session, we are going to include a little studio time. Since I’ve yet to do a lot of studio shots and my oldest wanted photos for her facebook, I though I would kill two birds with one stone. On my studio lights, I have colored filters which I used for these. I really love how the red filter made the photographs turn out. I also used blue, but can’t tell as much as I can with the red one.

Happy Birthday Little Boo!!

Tomorrow my little baby turns 4 years old! I can’t believe how quick the time has gone by. It seems just like yesterday I was holding her for the first time. She didn’t come to us easily. Pregnancy didn’t come easy to me anyway. After having two miscarriages before my oldest and two before “E”, both of my children are my miracles from God. “E” also came into our lives after three years of heavy losses. My sisters and I had lost both parents in the span of three years, plus the fourth miscarriage, when “E” came, she is well, our bright light when things were dark. Enjoy my walk down memory lane.


Happy Birthday baby girl!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!

Ashley H~ T.H. South

Terre Haute, Indiana

Bridgeton, Indiana

Here is a sneak peek for you. I had so much fun with you, but, are you as sore as I am? Geesh we got a work-out yesterday.

Ashley is a Senior at T.H. South and a dream subject. Let’s just say that she knows how to work the camera and show attitude! LOVE it!! I’m finding that these photos are (in the words of Ashley) tight! Oh yes, I went there. LOL :o)

We started our session in Terre Haute and did a few shots on Poplar Street and then by the Stables Steakhouse building. After that, we headed to my favorite spot in Parke county.

Slime Time Fall Fest Video

I used Animoto to create a slideshow of the various photographs from our Halloween alternative that we did at our church. It was a lot of fun and as you see……there was slime.

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Strike a pose

Yesterday I had “E” dress up in her halloween costume. Usually when I ask her to sit for my so I can tweak my studio lighting skills, she is a little uncooperative. Yesterday she not only cooperated, but she worked it out and struck some awesome poses. LOL This is going to be picture heavy, but for me as her mommy, it’s worth it.


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