I love what I do

I met up with a client’s mom this evening to explain what way might be easier when it came time to order. While I was there, she and her daughter got me a gift. Can I just say that I was surprised and blessed. They didn’t have to do that, I don’t expect anyone to do that, you know? But it blessed me and I wanted to make sure that I thanked them on my blog. I don’t have to say who it was, they know. I’ve also been thinking a little bit about explaining why I do some things that I do, why I charge what I charge, but what has stopped me is the how to say it.

I would like to think that anyone who has spent time with me, while I’m photographing your family, that you have seen my heart.

I’m not doing this to make a lot of money, it’s nice, but not my main goal. My goal is to make hearts happy. To bring smiles and laughter to your hearts. Each picture that you see in your galleries is a true extension of my heart. When I take your photographs, sometimes I have a vision in my head, sometimes I get happy little accidents that make me go, “yay!!” lol What I do after that is like what an artist does with paint and a canvas. I edit from my heart.

Looking back to my teen years, I am truly amazed at what serving God has done to my life. Never in a million years would I have dreamed that I would be working with total strangers, then becoming life long friends with some of them. Never…..only my close friends and family know how shy I was and how much I feared driving in strange places. Now, I’m meeting new people, taking Senior pictures and driving to places that are 3-4 hours away…by myself. (okay, that last part…yay that still freaks me out.) lol

Anyway…..long story, but it was time for me to share my heart.

Thanks again to MJ and S…..you’ve made a lasting impression on my heart. (((hugs)))

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Preview for Tyler/Indiana High School Senior Photographer

Yesterday I met up with Tyler and his family to take his Senior Portraits. I knew Tyler’s mom from my high school days, so it was nice to see her again. Tyler is such a sweet guy.

 Here is a sneak peek for him and his family.


More to come! 🙂

Featured on Smugmug’s Blog

You may remember the cake smash session that I did, well, that session drew the attention of the people at Smugmug. I am so honored to have been featured on their blog. Thank you all. (I’m only just a little excited. LOL)

Here is the link to their blog post.


The “W” Family/Indiana Family Photographer

I just finished with the last of the edits for this wonderful family. I’m sure they are getting unpacked and settled in to their new home. I’m not sure when they will have internet, but I hope they get to see their wonderful pictures soon.

Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

Wireless triggers for flashes/Indiana Photographer

I have a session to post for a sneak peek but decided to write a post about a new item I recently purchased for my flash and camera. I have studio lights, which are really nice….and as anyone who I’ve used them on can tell you…they aren’t very portable. There is a lot that goes into bringing them and setting up. When my friend Jen Rinaldi came to visit last year, she brought these wireless triggers for all her flashes. I loved the ease of set up…very cool. But, I didn’t think that I could use those because I don’t have a Nikon Flash, I use a Sigma.

Fast forward to July. When I shot with Anna Lynch McClary, she also used flashes for studio lights. Again, I was curious about all that and had asked her to send me a link of where she got her triggers. Jen had sent me links of where she got hers, but my problem was that I still didn’t have a Nikon SB800 and when I looked for them…I found out that they stopped making those and I really don’t have it in the budget to buy a SB900 yet. So, anyway, when Anna sent me the link to where she got her triggers, I saw that they have those triggers for my Sigma.

I was/am elated! I bought one right then and there. I got it in the mail on Monday and I’m posting the results that I got last night. I tested it on my girls, then I immediately used it for the session that I did last night. My husband was so great to hold the umbrella and the flash for me.

Here is the link to where I bought it:


Now to the pictures

Valparaiso Wedding~Second shooting/Indiana wedding photographer

Back in July I had the awesome privledge to second shoot for Anny McClary of Anna Lynch McClary Photography. Anna is based out of Fort Wayne and also travels frequently to her home state of Colorado for sessions. She is such a nice lady. I really felt like she and I clicked instantly.

The wedding was shot at the Valparaiso University Chapel. Wow!!! What a stunning church.

Here is the link to Anna’s site as well as the link to the blog post referring to this wedding.

Thank you so much Anna for asking me to be your second, I learned a lot and would love to be your second again.



Kaysee~Preview/Indiana High School Senior Photographer

This evening I met up with Kaysee and her mom to do Kaysee’s Senior pictures. What a great family and she is such a pretty girl! Here are just a few teasers for you all. More images to come later.

These shots were the first few taken at their home. After seeing these, I knew we were going to have some wonderful images for them to choose from.

Thanks Tammy and Kaysee, I had a great time!

The Reunion/Terre Haute Indiana Family Photographer

Last Saturday I got to meet up with a wonderful family for a small session. We met at Deming Park, which by the way is a wonderful place to have a session.

I wish I would have blogged this sooner so I could remember all the specifics, sorry all if I get this wrong.

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This is the family. The brother and his family were visiting with the sister and her family on their way to their new home in Australia. Gosh I hope I got that right. =)

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Sister, dad and brother.

1st Birthday Cake Smash/Terre Haute Infant and Children Photographer

I had the awesome opportunity to meet up with a friend of mine from High School to photograph her little boy’s 1st birthday pictures. She and I both had the same idea of doing a cake smash instead of the normal 1 yr old pics. Jody, her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend made this cake. It is/was gorgeous and tasted yummy! Chase thought the balls of fondant was the yummiest though. =)

Preview of the “W” family/Terre Haute, Indiana Photographer

This evening I met up with the “W” family for a session before they moved to Tennesse. It’s a bittersweet moment. Jay is following God’s plan for their lives so that is good, but we sure will miss this family at church. Here is just a small peek from tonight. I love this out take of the kids. I got some really good ones this evening.

This hat was made by the mom of a dear friend of mine. Isn’t it adorable?

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