6 month session~Tessa

Well, it looks like Animoto changed some things on me. Please click that link to view this cute video of this cute little girl. This was such a great session with wonderful variety. In the 2 hours I was there, we got such a lot of great shots. I think this is the most pictures I’ve taken at one session in quite a while. I love the props that we used. Ones that Tiffany made and ones that I bought from Yarnin to Please.

6 month session~Tessa.

Sneak Peek~”A”+”X”/Indiana Children Photographer

This past Sunday I drove up to Indianapolis to meet up with these two cuties. Some may recognize these little ones from the sessions that we had from 2009. It is amazing to me how much children can change in just a few short months. Little “A” had her first haircut and now has bangs. Such a little lady!!! These kids melt my heart.


Sneak Peek~Nickie+”M”/Indiana Family Photographer

I’m doing things a little backwards for this post. Generally when I post a sneak peek, I will show some images from the beginning of the session. However, little “M” was really hamming it up at Starbucks. I’ll explain a little more about where we met and what we did when I finish editing the session. Until then, enjoy the peek. 🙂

Freezing fog/Indiana Photographer

I believe this is what they call it. When it happens it is so pretty. The fog coats everything and makes for such a pretty landscape. I just thought I’d share as we prepare for two more snow systems coming through again. I can’t wait to be able to post spring pictures though.

The “D” Family~Maternity/Terre Haute Maternity Photographer

This was a maternity and family session all in one. I really enjoy photographing this family. Yes, it can be very busy with all the little bodies running around, but I actually think I like it better. Why? Because I get some really natural shots. They love to see themselves in the back of the camera. That’s why I chose to make a video for the little ones to watch. I think “E” and “N” will especially love it.

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Sneak Peek 6 month session~ Little “T”/Indiana Baby Photographer

I met up at “T”‘s house today to shoot her 6 month session. I can’t believe 1/2 a year with her has went by already. She is getting more adorable each time I see her. I love her blue eyes and her dimples. I just love to photograph her. Her mommy has started making hair bows and tutu’s. She is really good at it! I can’t wait to see what else she makes for her little darling. 🙂

I chose three photographs to edit for the sneak peek; however, I’m including two edits for each photo simply because I can’t choose which to show.

The processing I chose for the three sets was from: coffeeteaphotography’s Vivid Action and Pioneer Woman’s Vintage action. I also shot this with natural light and in RAW format.

9th Month~Sneak Peek/Indiana Maternity Photographer

In approximately 4 weeks, little “T” will be making his grand entrance. I can’t wait to photograph his newborn session. Little “T” is one lucky little guy. He is the 7th child of this wonderful family. They love him so much already. I can tell that he will be covered in smooches!!

For my photo friends, this entire session was shot in RAW with all natural light.

Here is your sneak peek, Amanda.

Snow Days/Indiana Photographer

School closed yesterday along with my job, so my husband and I took our girls out behind our house for some fun.

I chose John Mayer’s song, “Daughters” because 1. I love him 🙂 and 2. I love his song. I really feel that this song fits the video. I also love using Animoto because they really have a way of putting the images with the song.

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Sugar and Spice/Indiana Portrait Photographer

To me, these are everything nice about girls. 🙂

There is much I would love to say about these images…the words are rolling around but I’m not sure that words will do justice to what I feel. Two of these girls are mine, the other girl is my niece. Last Sunday “B” came over to hang out after church and to play around with my new backdrops. Besides my girls, “B” is my most often photographed girl.

I wanted to photograph in natural light so I could really create a blurred background using a low aperture, but it just got too late in the day for that. So, I brought up my studio lights and set it up in my kitchen. I’m sure my neighbors must wonder what goes on in my house with all the lights flashing all the time. 🙂 We got some funny outtakes, but we also got some good serious ones.

I just love texture…I just can’t help myself.

The above picture shows the backdrop stand…but I don’t care. This is real and it shows her with one of her most treasured possession…her blankie. That blanket is showing severe signs of wear and tear so I was glad to get a few pictures of her with it.