“M” Family~Maternity Session/Effingham Illinois Maternity and Newborn Photographer

These nice folks came from Effingham Illinois to meet up with me for their first session. They’ve chosen to do the Tiny Blessing Session package that I offer. After meeting them and their little 2 year old….I am going to have a fun year!! Oh this little guy kept me, his mommy and his daddy laughing!

I can’t wait to meet the newest addition to this awesome family! Brady….”OH Toodles!!” Love that little guy!

See you all in January!

On to the pictures, my favorite part.

Thanks for looking!


Beautiful momma! 🙂

6 month “T”/Clinton Indiana Infant Photographer

We did “T”s 3 month session the day before his 4 month birthday…so his 6 month birthday didn’t take too long to get here. 🙂 Even in the short amount of time, “T” has gotten so much bigger. Oh and he can giggle!!! I couldn’t believe how much he giggled for me. What a little doll baby!!!

Enjoy my favorites. I can’t wait to meet up with them for his 9 month session.


Eddie~2011 T.H.S.V. Senior/Terre Haute High School Senior Photographer

We have some crazy fluctuations in temperatures this year, haven’t we?

Anyway, I met up with Eddie, his sister and his mom on a very chilly October. We met up at Deming Park. I really love going here and especially love going in the fall. Eddie will be heading to the Marines for Basic Training after graduation. He is such a nice kid.

Here are my favorites from our session. Good luck Eddie!


“B” Family/Terre Haute Indiana Family Photographer

I really love this family. I’ve known Penny and Tony for a long time. Their youngest and my oldest are the same age. We also go to church together.

We met up in October at Bridgeton, Indiana…the weekend after the Covered Bridge Festival. We had do dodge a few tourists and another photographer, but I think we managed to keep others out of the picture. 🙂

Enjoy some of my favorites!


“D” Family/Clinton Indiana Family Photographer

I met up with Tiffany, Michael and the always cute little “T” on evening at their home. The one thing I dislike strongly is the time of year that we’re in. This session marked the beginning of my realization that the evening light fades quickly. lol! I always forget about that pesky little detail. ha!

At any rate, this family and I are accustomed to working together so we made quick work of the session. I simply adore this family and I don’t think that I have ever had a bad picture of any of them.

Please enjoy some of my favorites!


Katie~T.H. South Senior/Terre Haute High School Senior Photographer

It seems like such a long time since I photographed Katie. I met up with her and her mom for some studio shots, then from there we headed to a favorite place for photographs, Deming Park. I am so glad that we chose to go towards the back of the park. I don’t usually venture that far back, I’m so glad that we did. Such another pretty spot of this park.

Katie was on Terre Haute South’s Volleyball team. I heard this team did very well. They were always on the news. 😉

Enjoy some fo my favorites.


This is her game face. I wouldn’t mess with her. 🙂

She seriously looks like a model. Such a pretty girl!

Alaina and Brad/Terre Haute Indiana Engagement and Wedding Photographer

Alaina  inquired about wedding packages on December 18, 2009. We met soon after and that Starbucks meeting was the beginning of what I feel is going to be a fantastic relationship. I love it when my brides and grooms become friends with me. I love when nothing is held back. Alaina and Brad is one such couple. Honest and open…full of life and love for each other. They are my kind of people.

We met up on the campus of St. Mary’s of the Woods College early morning. I love early morning light…love it! I believe we walked almost the entire area of that campus, but it was so good and we really had a great time getting to know one another while I photographed them. From there, we went to Fairbanks and got some more awesome shots. After we finished there, we headed to Pumpkin Works outside of Paris, IL. Going to Pumpkin Works was a given, you see, Brad almost lost his thumb while carving the “will you marry me” into a pumpkin. Did I get that right Alaina? lol

Enjoy my MANY favorites. Oh, btw…3 1/2 hours, 3 locations, almost 8 Gs of photos and ended with 123 photos to choose. The hard part is done for me. 😛 Alaina has to pick which pictures to put in her guest book for me to make. lol


This is at the entrance of St. Mary’s. A canvas would be nice of this one. 😉

Love the simple interaction between them.


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