3 Months “C”/Terre Haute Indiana Infant Photographer

“C” is one of my Tiny Blessing babies. I meet up with the babies and their families for their Newborn, 3, 6, 9 month and 1 year. For each stage in their life, I try to come up with new and unique set-ups with the families. This way their session is a little unique and a little different from session to session.

This time I asked Ashley is I could set up in their large screened in back porch. It has huge windows all the way around it and it provided such wonderful light. Towards the end of the session I did have to bring out one light to give us just a bit more light. 

I am really excited about these pictures. We got some really great shots and “C” even fell asleep during part of the session. I don’t remember ever having that happen…but she got really cozy and just went to sleep. It worked out great!

Enjoy my favorites!

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Maternity & Newborn Session/Indianapolis Maternity and Newborn Photographer

This is two posts in one! Some may remember the “C” family from the last couple of years. “X” is my first ever Tiny Blessings baby. Well, the family welcomed “T” on February 9.

I met with them 2 weeks prior to capture “A” and “X” before the little ones big arrival and to do some maternity photos of Christine. She looked positively radiant during her maternity session….but she looked spectacular the day of the newborn session.

“T” was 2 days old when I went to their home, so that makes him the youngest baby I’ve photographed in a studio setting. I chose to set up the backdrops in front of their big sliding glass doors. I really love natural light, so when it’s available…I leave the studio lights and softboxes in the car. 🙂

I found this link from previous sessions. Love looking back. 🙂


Here are a lot of my favorites! Enjoy!


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Allison & A.J./Terre Haute Indiana Wedding Photographer

January 28, 2011, Allison and A.J. got married at the Faithful Hearts Chapel in Terre Haute. This wedding was particularly meaningful for me because A.J. is my best friends oldest son. His mom and I have been best friends for 16 years. Life has caused us not to be as connected as we once were, different paths and directions, but as soon as I saw her….I could feel that same connection in my heart, you know? I’m trying not to make this a post about her…..but she and I have a lot time invested into each other that it tends to come out. I’m going to work really hard to spend more time with her and her family again.

It was so awesome to be able to capture A.J. and Allison’s love for one another and to watch them exchange their vows as well as to witness them light the family candle with their children.

I pray that A.J. and Allison spend many years together! God Bless your relationship and family.


Michelle and I

“C”~Newborn Session/Terre Haute Indiana Newborn Photographer

Meet the squishiest, sleepiest little baby I’ve photographed. He has rolls and was just so easy to move around. He was literally a limp noodle in my hands. 🙂

While I was taking the maternity session, we had talked about me being in the delivery room taking pictures of “C”s birth. Well, Kim didn’t deliver until around 2 in the morning…so needless to say, I wasn’t able to be there. However, before work a day or so after his birth, I went to the hospital to capture his cuteness. I love how they came out.

Day 4: I met at their house to get some more studio style shots. 🙂 Enjoy some of my favorites!!

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Baby “I”~Newborn Session/Effingham Illinois Newborn Photographer

Meet Mr. Eager  , I mean “I”. He was scheduled to arrive on January 6, but decided to come before Christmas. 🙂 He was the last session of 2010 and what a way to end the year. He is so cute. I drove to Effingham to meet up with them at their home.

I brought my studio lights, but didn’t need to use them because they had such wonderful natural light in their dining room. I am so glad of how the images turned out.

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9 Month Session~”T”/Cayuga and Clinton Indiana Photographer

What a difference a couple of months make! Little “T” has changed so much in just a couple of months. What a little cutie!

I love going to their house, there is SO much family history in every area of their home. I used a couple of items that date back to WWI. David has a flag that his great-grandmother made to hang in the window of their home. Go to this link for a description of the flags: http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/us%5Esvc.html#svc

David also has his great grandfathers uniform and that is what “T” is wearing in one of his pictures.

I love the design that Eliza drew on the wall.


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