“T”/Terre Haute Indiana Infant Photographer

Some of you may remember little “T” from his newborn session back in March. He is growing up so fast! He’s not able to sit up on his own, but put him in something and he will try to rock himself right out of it. 🙂 I didn’t take as many photographs of him as I usually do simply because his mommy and his siblings were over swimming in my pool. His mommy and I are friends so we decided that while she was there, we would take some pics. 🙂

Enjoy this little cutie.

The Reunion/Terre Haute Indiana Family Photographer

Last Saturday I got to meet up with a wonderful family for a small session. We met at Deming Park, which by the way is a wonderful place to have a session.

I wish I would have blogged this sooner so I could remember all the specifics, sorry all if I get this wrong.

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This is the family. The brother and his family were visiting with the sister and her family on their way to their new home in Australia. Gosh I hope I got that right. =)

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Sister, dad and brother.

Preview of the “W” family/Terre Haute, Indiana Photographer

This evening I met up with the “W” family for a session before they moved to Tennesse. It’s a bittersweet moment. Jay is following God’s plan for their lives so that is good, but we sure will miss this family at church. Here is just a small peek from tonight. I love this out take of the kids. I got some really good ones this evening.

This hat was made by the mom of a dear friend of mine. Isn’t it adorable?

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40th Anniversary Session/Indiana Lifestyle Photographer

On Saturday, I had the awesome opportunity to photograph my Pastors for their 40th Anniversary. I will admit, I was a little nervous about taking their pictures. I wanted to make sure that I did a great job for them. Well, I think we had a great time. Once we got started, it all just flowed and I got to see a side of my Pastors that I’m not sure everyone has seen before. =) I got to see them not as Pastor and Karen, but as husband and wife. How cool is that?

I’ve known these two since 1993 and I am so pleased to have them as my Pastors, but they are more than that. They have been there for my family in our hardest times, supported us and prayed for us. They are like my parents.

Happy Anniversary Pastor and Karen and thank you for being such Godly examples.

Okay, about this song, this is the song they are going to have playing at their anniversary party. I only used the 30 second video, so obviously the whole song isnt playing and it isn’t playing the pictures where they should go but you’ll need to go to their party to see the pictures match with the song. Lol.

I wanted to add a few photos too.

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More from the Newborn shoot

This is going to be a long week. My oldest, B, is away at church camp until Friday in Rushville, Illinois. It is a 4 hour drive there. Let me just say it was REAL quiet in our house last night. *sigh*

As I was taking pictures of “L”, I was wondering how some would turn out. Last night, as I was editing a few, I was amazed. Not at what I did, but how photoshop made a good picture really great. Here are a lot of the photos from that session.