“S” Family/Terre Haute Family Photographer

I love this family! I have worked with Brandie for over 10 years. I don’t consider her as a co-worker, she is a great friend. Readers of this blog may recognize the oldest one from the Snowball pictures I’ve done of her for the past  2 years. Brandie chose to do an urban session instead of buying their school pictures. After showing her the pictures, I know she loves what we got, even if I am making her picture poor. lol!



If I had studio space…the above picture would be in it….BIG. This image has to be my most favorite. Ok, I’ve got a lot of favorites in this session. Her mom is purchasing several canvas prints from this session.

While we were walking downtown Terre Haute, we went past “A Bit of Britain”. The owner was SO nice as to let us use some props and have some fun. What a super nice lady!!

There is something a little cool, a little creepy about the above images. ROFL!!