Allison & A.J./Terre Haute Indiana Wedding Photographer

January 28, 2011, Allison and A.J. got married at the Faithful Hearts Chapel in Terre Haute. This wedding was particularly meaningful for me because A.J. is my best friends oldest son. His mom and I have been best friends for 16 years. Life has caused us not to be as connected as we once were, different paths and directions, but as soon as I saw her….I could feel that same connection in my heart, you know? I’m trying not to make this a post about her…..but she and I have a lot time invested into each other that it tends to come out. I’m going to work really hard to spend more time with her and her family again.

It was so awesome to be able to capture A.J. and Allison’s love for one another and to watch them exchange their vows as well as to witness them light the family candle with their children.

I pray that A.J. and Allison spend many years together! God Bless your relationship and family.


Michelle and I

Happy New Year/Terre Haute Indiana Children and Teen Photographer

Happy 2011 to all my friends and family!

It is my hope that you are all blessed greatly in the coming year. In 2010, I saw an increase in my Tiny Blessing Packages, which is pretty cool! Lots of new babies blessing the world! I got to take part in several weddings, ones on my own and some helping out Sam and Betsy as shooting as their second shooter. I also got to fly over to New Jersey in September to see my bestie, Jen, and her fiance to shoot second at Melissa and John’s wedding on the beach. While there I got to take Jen’s and Chris’s engagement session (although I didn’t know it would be that when we did it). ๐Ÿ˜›

I’m not planning on changing anything that I’m doing for 2011. I feel that things are good as they are. I would like to see an increase in Seniors in 2011, but I trust God to bring the clients to me. I don’t stress if I don’t have very many ofย  a certain type of clients. As from the beginning, this business is in God’s hands. He’s really much better as this than me. ๐Ÿ™‚

During the down time during the Holidays, I asked (more liked begged), my girls to show off some of their new clothes that they got for Christmas. From this, I made a collage that I bought from MCP Actions. These are print sizes so you make it, get it printed, then frame it!

Thanks to all my wonderful and amazing clients/friends for making 2010 such a wonderful and enjoyable year. Here is to increase in 2011!!!




“C”~Newborn Session/Terre Haute Indiana Newborn Photographer

Introducing the adorable and fashionable little “C”!

I went to their house for this wonderful little session. This girl has the makings of becoming a fashionista! You should see this little girls closet and accessories! She is a photographer’s dream. Bows, headbands, flowers, cute clothes…love it!!

As seems to be the way it’s going to be with me and newborns, she pretended to sleep for me…lol Here are some of my favorites


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“H” Siblings/Clinton Indiana Family Photographer

Meet the “H” crew! They got up early on their first day of fall break. I’m so glad that they did. They are such a nice family!!

The girls go to school with my daughter. Such sweet kids!

Enjoy my favorites!


Notice the little kitty’s on the left. Lol They followed us out there.

“H” Family/Terre Haute Indiana Family Photographer

I think I should just nickname this family as my “first family”. HA! I’ve photographed these guys since 2008. I love that our relationship has moved from client/photographer to friends. Love these guys so much!

On to my favorite part….the pictures of course! We went to Dobbs Park early in the morning and woweeย was the light yummy!! I love looking at a scene and seeing golden beautiful light! I don’t mind getting up early…especially when the light looks as wonderful as this.



The wonderful cocoon was made by Yarnin-to-Please. Found here:!/YarninToPlease

Justin & Ashley/Clinton Indiana Engagement-Wedding Photographer

I’ve known Ashley for about 10 years…she lives right down the road from me. So, when she asked me to take her and Justin’s pictures and to photograph their wedding ceremony..well, of course I had to say yes. ๐Ÿ™‚

I had such a good time with Justin and Ashley, they have such great personalities and remind me a lot of my husband and I when we were first married.ย  I can’t wait to photograph your wedding next month.

Best Friends session/Clinton and Terre Haute Indiana Photographer

I got some new backdrops and floor from PhotoProp Floor-Backdrops and was really excited to try them out. You can find this company here:!/PhotoPropFloorsandBackdrops?ref=ts

I called on my friend to see if she would be able to bring her girls over to model for me. It worked perfectly because the little one is best friends with my little gal. The three of them have been friends since the littlest one was a baby, so there are times when they act more like sisters. lol (sometimes they argue). The younger two don’t always get to hang out as often as they’d like, so when they get together, it’s always a fun time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Testing the lights

Little Ham!!

Girls with 'tudes! ๐Ÿ˜‰


It started getting squirrly at this point. I accidently cut off her foot because I didn’t move back fast enough.

Okay, now you’re just being silly! ha!!

ya...I got nothing. ๐Ÿ˜€ LOL

Sometimes you have to rely on the eldest sibling to calm things down. ha!

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