A little bit of Fall

The leaves are slowly starting to change here in Indiana. There is nothing that makes me stop and go “WOW!”, but little by little signs of fall are starting to emerge. We’ve gotten out our jackets, even had our heat on a time or two already. I really hate the smell of the furnace starting up for the first time, yuck! lol

I try to get “E” out to look for the changing colors. It’s fun to hear the songs that she learns at daycare the revolve around fall. They are quite clever.

The following pictures were taken a couple of days ago. Just some random shots to share. In the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some photographs from the Post Prom event taking place on Saturday the 11th, followed by the Crank Family’s Newborn session with little “X” and his big sister “A”. I can’t wait to meet this family.

If you are in my area and have been considering booking a session, I encourage you to e-mail me very soon as I am running out of weekend dates for October. I am considering opening up evening times during the workweek to accomodate some families. My e-mail is JulieLawsonphotography@yahoo.com.