Sneak Peek~K&K’s Birthday Pictures/Clinton & Terre Haute Indiana Photographer

I took the girls out for their birthday session. Their birthday’s are close enough together that we just photograph them at the same time. These girls are so much fun to work with. They have their own ideas for poses, especially that little one! Ha!

I had this idea to use balloons and I finally got to do it and I feel that these girls helped me to achieve the vision in my head perfectly.

A big thank you to Kenny and Becky at Nelson’s Greenhouse on Hwy 163 in Clinton for letting me use their area behind the greenhouses for this.

Nelson’s Greenhouse

I posted a blog a little bit ago about the local greenhouse in my hometown. Yesterday I took the little one and we went to see what colors were popping there. Becky was right, boy had things changed since the last time I was there. Their roses smell SO good!!!! The colors were just exploding everywhere. Seriously, if you have any question regarding flowers and/or vegetables, Becky and Kenny are the one to ask. Everyone there is so nice.

Shameless plug? Absolutely. 🙂 She always helps me.