Featured on Smugmug’s Blog

You may remember the cake smash session that I did, well, that session drew the attention of the people at Smugmug. I am so honored to have been featured on their blog. Thank you all. (I’m only just a little excited. LOL)

Here is the link to their blog post.


Jen Rinaldi arrives in Indiana

I’m so behind on my posts, lol. Yesterday, my sister and I along with our kids went to pick up my friend, Jen of Jen Rinaldi Photography, http://blog.jenrinaldiphotography.com/, from the airport. I can’t believe that she is finally here. I keep looking at her thinking, ‘I can’t believe your in my house and not on IM.’ It’s so cool. Last night was just like a slumber party. I actually stayed up until 12:30…..whoa, I know…….I’m crazy. LOL I only have one picture that I took, so I’ll be posting more as I take more pictures of our craziness this week.

Today we will be doing my nieces Senior shoot in Clinton so that is going to be a lot of fun.