How to use a gray card

In yesterday’s post I showed pictures of my oldest that I did using the gray card to get the proper white balance. However, I didn’t include how to do that. So, I figured I would make a new post explaining how do use it. I’m by no means the expert on this because that set was my first time successfully doing it.

From what I read in the instructions, you can use the gray card to determine exposure, light ratio and color balance.  What you want is a peak right in the middle of the histogram. What I did for this set of photos I had her hold the gray balance card in front of her face. I switched my camera to manual focus and filled the frame with the card. Focused on the card then snapped a picture.  To determine a new white balance, select PRESET MANUAL and press the WB button until the “PRE” display starts to flash, then frame a white or gray object (or card)  full-frame in the view finder and press the shutter release button. The new value for the white balance will be stored in preset d-0. To copy a value from an existing photograph, (which is what I did) select preset  manual, and choose the preset where the value will be stored from preset d-1 to d-4, then choose select image and select the photograph you took of the gray card.

These are the instructions for the D90. I’m not sure about the D80 or any other model.

You want to make sure that you check your surroundings frequently as you photograph because if you move locations, the lighting conditions may have change on you. Someone once told me that when doing portraits for a wedding, using the gray card to set the white balance will help to avoid the “bluish” look in the white dresses.

B & H sells gray cards for around 11.00 dollars. I’ve included the link below.

Meet Nak 9

For the last few days I’ve been teasing with folks about the stork delivering something. Well, today…the “brown stork” arrived with a beautiful bundle for me. The brown stork is none other than the UPS man.

At the end of 2008 I was contacted and hired to do a wedding in early June. The wedding is going to be in a church and it got me thinking about maybe needing a lens that allowed more light in and getting a better camera and using my d40x as the backup.

Jen mentioned Wolf of Enigma3Photography(  had a D90 so i reached out to him and we talked about the diffrent aspects of the camera and what he loved about it. I told Jen what Wolf said and since she was needing a second body, she decided to get the D90 as well. Check out her pics of her new baby on her blog,

I got a really good deal for this camera and I couldn’t pass it up. Then, someone blessed me with a 50mm 1.4 lens. God is so good. I couldn’t believe it when they gave it to me. I have been wanting this lens for a very long time. God truly is good. Here are some unedited pics from my new “baby”. I still have to figure out focus points and what not…but don’t worry, I will. LOL

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click to enlarge to figure out focus. LOL to figure out focus. LOL

By the way…you can check out all the deals from B&H by clicking on the banner to the right. The customer service is fantastic!