Winter Session/Indiana High School Photographer

“B” contacted me at the end of fall wanting to have some pictures in the snow. I couldn’t wait for enough snow to fall to schedule her session. On Saturday, we finally had enough snow to make some amazing photographs. We didn’t take as many as I usually do as it was really cold, like around 7 degrees.

I am so very pleased with how they came out.

Here is “B” with her friend “J”. You may remember “J” from the session that I did with here. You can see that here

“J” is also wearing some scarves that were made for my by a very talented lady. You can view your FB page by going here:

Sneak Peek~Kayla P.~S.V.H.S. Senior/Indiana High School Senior Photographer

October was a very wet month and because of that, Kayla and I had a hard time finishing up the session. I had her scheduled only to have to reschedule twice. On the day of the session, we ended up getting rained on about 15-30 minutes into it. Finally, this past Saturday we had the most gorgeous weather ever!

We started at 10 a.m. and the sunlight was just so yummy!!! This session was also a first for me. I shot the entire session in Manual. This may not mean anything to most, but the photographers reading this will know. Usually I shoot either in Priority mode, or in Aperature Priority. I don’t imagine that I’ll use manual when shooting families with little ones though.

Enjoy your peek, more to come soon.

Preview for Samantha~S.V.H.S. 2010

Yesterday, I had the coolest time hanging out with Sam, my niece Brittany and shooting with my friend and fellow photographer, Jen Rinaldi (

Today we are shooting a wedding, but I wanted to make sure to at least post one or two images of Sam so she can see what wonderful pictures we took of her. 😀

You will have to visit Jens Blog soon to see her version of this shot. Its AWESOME!!

You will have to visit Jen's Blog soon to see her version of this shot. It's AWESOME!!


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