Family Fun/Brazil Indiana Family Photographer

This is a family of 4 sisters and between the 4 sisters, there are 8 children. I was so glad when I was contacted by one of the sisters to do a session with all of them. I love the energy of having that many little ones around me. I could have spent time with these little ones for hours. 

This session marked the last evening session of the year. We really hustled to make it all happen before the sunset and wow, we sure did!

Enjoy a lot of my favorites from that evening. Thank you ladies for letting me capture you and your little ones. They are such little blessings!


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“D” Family/Clinton Indiana Family Photographer

I met up with Tiffany, Michael and the always cute little “T” on evening at their home. The one thing I dislike strongly is the time of year that we’re in. This session marked the beginning of my realization that the evening light fades quickly. lol! I always forget about that pesky little detail. ha!

At any rate, this family and I are accustomed to working together so we made quick work of the session. I simply adore this family and I don’t think that I have ever had a bad picture of any of them.

Please enjoy some of my favorites!


M Family/Indiana Family Photographer

When we were done with the session, my friend told me that she would really love to have a video of them done and she had a certain song in mind. So, that is what I’ll show here instead of individual images.

We met in the later part of the evening and the light was just so so wonderful. Everything was just golden and warm. I really couldn’t have asked for a better evening.