It’s the guy!!!!!

Okay, let me tell a little story to explain, “the guy”. I am a firm believer in the fact that everyone has a story to tell. A story that makes them the people that they are today. Good and bad things happen to everyone, and it’s those good and bad times and how people respond to them that make them who they are. Anyway, every year as children, my sisters and I would spend a week or two at my Grandma’s house. We used to love it. Unfortunately, as we became teens, Grandma’s house became less exciting. You all know how that goes……….most teens are concerned about their wants and needs versus anyone elses’. At least, I was. As adults, my sisters and I have come to appreciate Grandma, our Aunts and Uncles more and more. When mom died, Grandma and our Aunts were and are our tie to our mom. After our dad died, some really heartbreaking things happened that were just too much for us to handle. So, my sisters and I “ran for the border”. Grandma’s house was a neutral place for us to go and heal our wounds. Her house is still a safe haven where we can go to reconnect with mom and who she was to us.

So, when we went to Grandma’s for our Aunt D’s 60th Birthday, we went to Grandma’s first. E was playing with the very same toys that we played with so long ago. Then E pulls out, “the guy”. My sister “J” says, “Hey! It’s the guy!”. So of course we had to take a picture of him. LOL

I also love the picture of E playing in the front porch and the picture of the house is the back side of it. I tonemapped that picture. There will be more pictures of Grandma’s house to come.

Mansfield, Indiana

The family went to Mansfield today to get some photo opportunities. Bri and I were snapping photos like crazy. I did one HDR with 3 exposures then settled just shooting in RAW and converting them. It was just easier that way. What a beautiful place, but totally set up for vendors and what not. I went into the Welcome Center/Store and talked to the cashier. I asked if they do consignments here and she said that they do. I left her my name, phone number and gave her my website address to give to the owners to see if they would be interested in my work. I told her that I use tonemapping in my images to give the photographs a unique look. I also told her that I could make calenders of the Bridges of Parke County or Views from around Parke. We’ll see what happens. I’m going to go back the last weekend in April during the mushroom festival with some 4×6 examples of my photographs.

These are only a small portion of what I took. If you are interested in seeing the rest you can go to my site.…275262804_bQddh

I chose to do a dry brush technique on this photograph. I think it gives it something a little different. I like how it turned out.

HDR and tonemapping

I never knew what HDR or tonemapping was until I became a member of photoforum. My best friend, whose link is on my blog, showed us what can be achieved through it. I really like the richness of the colors that this technique brings out. The pictures below, with the exception of the last one, are examples of tonemapping only. I didn’t have a decent tripod when the sunrise was taken, so multiple exposures were out of the question. In the last photograph, however, I did attempt to take multiple exposures. It is obvious that there is movement. I was merely practicing though. I googled a good site for HDR photography and software and I included the link here:

I can see how easy it would be to use HDR for almost every landscape. It is so amazing the look that is achieved through this.