~9 month session~/Indiana Family Photographer

During the weekend that my family and I went to the zoo, I had the opportunity to meet up with this family for their little ones 9 month session. I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I first started to photograph them. I am always so pleased to be able to meet up with them.

The family chose to meet up at Holliday Park. What fun that was. I was so impressed with the play area that I took my girls there the next day. =)

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Miss “A” has turned quite girly. In this next photo I’m asking her to show me her bracelet. I see dresses and tiara’s in her future. lol

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Holliday Park and Garfield Park

At met up with the “C” Family last Saturday at Holliday Park in Indianapolis. The first thing I notice when I pull in there was this run down looking area. Seriously cool and would be so neat to have a session there. I didn’t get a chance to really explore that area but here are a few shots that I did get to take. First, I’ll include a little information about it.

The Ruins

In the 1950s, the St. Paul Building, at 220 Broadway in New York City, was torn down to make way for a modern skyscraper. Karl Bitter, one of the outstanding architectural sculptors of the late 19th century, had designed the facade of the original building, including three massive statues made of Indiana limestone called “the Races of Man.” To find a new home for the sculptures, the building’s owner, the Western Electric Company, held a competition among U.S. cities, which were required to submit plans for their display and preservation. Indianapolis proposed to place them in Holliday Park, which was then an arboretum, and the city was ultimately awarded the highly prized sculptures, valued at the time at $150,000.

Elmer Taflinger, who provided the sketches for the proposed structure, was chosen to carry out the design. He worked to complete the project over the next 20 years. For the complete story, download History of the Ruins at Holliday Park (PDF, 713 KB).

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Then on Sunday we went to Garfield Park. They have a very strict photography policy and it would cost money to do a professional shoot there. It is truly a beautiful place. We went to the sand adventure at the Arts Center located in the Park. That was so neat to see all that the sculptors could create out of sand. My little one got to dig for treasure and then both girls did sand painting. It was such a relaxing weekend. Here is the link to the Garfield Park.


And some of the Sand Painting. These were all natural light…I would LOVE to have this much light in my house.