Hello 90!/Terre Haute Indiana Event Photographer

This lady is amazing! Her daughter told me that she does aqua aerobics at the Y, has went through 3 treadmills and is getting ready to buy another. She is active and spunky and I just adore her. Oh! and her brother, he’s 93…talk about longevity.

I photographed this event on May 2nd and what an honor to be surrounded by some pretty amazing people. I’m sure there were many stories that could be told in that room. I was especially touched at the devotion that her daughters, grand children and great-grandchildren showed to “M”. This family reminds me a lot of mine and how we feel about our grandmother. “M”s love for her girls was also very telling. There are several shots of her pointing. She’s pointing out her girls to the guests at the party. Enjoy the photos that I’ve picked out to highlight.


This is what came with the custom-made necklace that the daughters put together.

The above image of the necklace was e-mailed to me by the daughter who made this.

The Birthday girl!

Her daughters

This is her brother…He’s 93!! Love their devotion!

The whole family

The food looked and smelled wonderful! It was catered by Sycamore Manor in Terre Haute. Definitely need to contact them for your catering needs.

She was talking about her hat. 🙂


Leslie’s Baby Shower/Terre Haute Indiana Event Photographer

I’ve finally finished with Leslie’s baby shower photos. Little Wyatt though has already made his grand appearance. I’ve seen a picture and he is gorgeous!! 

Here are a few photos of the shower.

Leslie and Lindsay are good friends and they are both (were) pregnant at the same time with boys.

It was WINDY that day!

This is Leslie with her sisters, mom, son and her niece.


Sneak Peek of “M”s 6th Birthday/Terre Haute Indiana Event Photographer

Last Sunday I was asked to photograph “M”s 6th Birthday. It was held at the Wigwam Skating Rink. I’ll post more action shots when I finish with the edits. Until then, here is a peek at some details.

*Okay, I am sneaking one of the birthday girl in*


Happy 2nd Birthday/Indiana Event Photographer

This is little “E” and she celebrated her birthday in November. I’m sure many of my regular blog readers remember this little cutie. She has changed so much since the last time I photographed her.

Happy Birthday “E”!!!

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“E” celebrates her 1st Birthday

The H family asked me to photograph their daughter’s 1st birthday party. You’ve seen photographs of this family before. I photographed their wedding, https://julielawsonphotography.wordpress.com/2008/06/09/new-pictures-from-the-wedding/, and more recently their family pictures, https://julielawsonphotography.wordpress.com/2008/09/27/preview-of-the-higgins-family/. I just love this family. Their little girl is such a doll. I seriously could just sit around and photograph her all day long. I think she likes me too, ;o)

Here is a sampling from “E”‘s birthday party. I hope to see you all again soon.

All my love,


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Ahh Too many balloons!

Ahh Too many balloons!

Snowball Dance 2008

Terre Haute, IN

The city of Terre Haute holds a snowball dance every year for the kids in middle school, 6th, 7th and 8th grades. The instructor at my day job asked me to photograph her daughter and her friend before the dance. What a lot of fun. These girls were so excited and giggly, lol. The house was full of proud parents and grandparents. Thanks B for asking me to take their pictures.