Flowers in Macro/Indiana Photographer

Last night I chose to edit for me, my own personal photographs. On Wednesday, I received my new lens via UPS. I just love that guy…he always brings such nice items when he comes. I’ve been trying to decide what my next lens should be. Up until Wednesday, I only had the 18-55, 55-200 and my wonderful nifty fifty 50 1.4mm. I really never took off the 50mm lens because I love the sharpness. I hated using either of the other two lenses because it didn’t offer a full zoom. Anyway, I though about buying the 18-200mm lens from B&H and was just about ready to push the buy button when one of my fellow photographers pointed out that I wouldn’t be getting the quality out of that lens that I’m getting from the 50mm. That really did stop me in my tracks. So, I looked at another lens that I was eyeing, the Sigma 17-70mm 2.8-4.5 lens for Nikon. It offers a wide shot at 2.8 (good light). I was really honest and asked myself, ‘how often do I really need to zoom in?’. I’m always needing to move back to get a subject’s entire body in the frame. So, anyway, I bought the Sigma and am very excited about it. It’s also a macro lens? I don’t know that it’s a true macro lens, but you can get pretty darn close to the flowers.

Here is a link to the lens at B&H.