Sugar and Spice/Indiana Portrait Photographer

To me, these are everything nice about girls. 🙂

There is much I would love to say about these images…the words are rolling around but I’m not sure that words will do justice to what I feel. Two of these girls are mine, the other girl is my niece. Last Sunday “B” came over to hang out after church and to play around with my new backdrops. Besides my girls, “B” is my most often photographed girl.

I wanted to photograph in natural light so I could really create a blurred background using a low aperture, but it just got too late in the day for that. So, I brought up my studio lights and set it up in my kitchen. I’m sure my neighbors must wonder what goes on in my house with all the lights flashing all the time. 🙂 We got some funny outtakes, but we also got some good serious ones.

I just love texture…I just can’t help myself.

The above picture shows the backdrop stand…but I don’t care. This is real and it shows her with one of her most treasured possession…her blankie. That blanket is showing severe signs of wear and tear so I was glad to get a few pictures of her with it.


Meet little Eli

Okay, this little doll baby is the newest member of our family, sort of. lol He is my brother-in-law’s girlfriends grandson. Did you get that? I can call this little one family, right? Anyway, my mother-in-law came down with Eli’s mommy and grandma yesterday for a session with him. I tried a little of everything, lighting wise. In the ones you’ll see here, I used natural light from my window as well as my studio lights.

Okay, this is the hat that I got from The Children’s Place. Well, obviously newborns don’t wear 3-6 month hats yet. LOL This cracked us all up. Way too big. 😀

mom and baby

mom and baby

mom and daugheter

mom and daugheter