K + K~Birthday Session/Clinton and Terre Haute Indiana Family Photographer

It seems like forever since I’ve shown a sneak peek of these girls. I’ve known these two little beauties for over 4 1/2 years. I really am enjoying not only watching them grow, but I am enjoying being able to document their growth through pictures.

When we scheduled this session, I started thinking about how and where I wanted their session to be. I usually start getting ideas about what props to use, what feeling I want the session to show. I really wanted to do something with balloons and I wanted in tall grass. I knew these girls would be perfect for the vision I had in my head. I also wanted to do a little urban shooting in my town and again, I knew the girls could pull off the “attitude” that would be needed for that setting too. Wow! they didn’t disappoint.

Another thanks to Kenny and Becky at Nelson’s Greenhouse for letting me use their field in the back.

Of course, once again, I have too many favorites so there are going to be a lot of pictures to view.


Looking for a Four Leaf Clover
Found one!!

Funny in between posing shot
Oh there we go, much better.

Little sister cutting in on big sister’s photo time. 😛
So, we just went with and got the two of them together.

Then we headed to a more urban setting
A little of my sense of humor showing through.

this lil monkey jumped in on her sisters shot…again! LOL

This has to be my most favorite shot of the night. Little K is telling older sister where to stand. ha!!
I told them to be all serious. 😉

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Nelson’s Greenhouse

I posted a blog a little bit ago about the local greenhouse in my hometown. Yesterday I took the little one and we went to see what colors were popping there. Becky was right, boy had things changed since the last time I was there. Their roses smell SO good!!!! The colors were just exploding everywhere. Seriously, if you have any question regarding flowers and/or vegetables, Becky and Kenny are the one to ask. Everyone there is so nice.

Shameless plug? Absolutely. 🙂 She always helps me.

Visiting local Greenhouse

Since I had to reschedule both my sessions this weekend due to the lovely and unreliable Indiana spring weather, “E” and I went to Wal-mart to get a few things, then we headed to Nelson’s Greenhouse just down the road to look at what they’ve got growing so far. I don’t know how many greenhouses they have, I’d venture to say they have around 7 greenhouses. Only a few of them had any blooming flowers yet, but they were getting fuller and fuller. They grow everything organically and everything you get from there is so healthy looking and it’s just awesome. Becky is so knowledgeable and friendly. I just love that place. So, with camera in hand, “E” and I looked around to see what they had.

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“E” was helping Becky and her husband hold the plastic in place. They were getting another greenhouse ready. 😀