2010 Benton Central Senior/Benton Co. & Vermillion Co. High School Photographer

I finished up “K”s Senior Pictures this morning. I seriously had the best time with her. I believe to say that we got blown around a bit would be an understatement. That wind was very strong!! In fact, the only time the wind didn’t blow is at the very end near the water. I’m not sure why that was, maybe we were down low enough to get out of it. Regardless, we had fun!

I am interested in booking a few 2011 Seniors from Benton Central, so if you are interested in doing that over the summer, e-mail me at julielawsonphotography@yahoo.com.

Enjoy the photos of “K” that I’ve selected to show.

Love this truck!!!

The above pictures were taken at an old run down church there. Definitely going back there.

The above backdrop is from PhotoProp Floor and Backdrop found here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/PhotoPropFloorsandBackdrops?ref=ts


My most favorite image EVER!!

Thanks for looking!


6 month session~”B”/Terre Haute Indiana Child Photographer

I finished with “B”‘s 6 month session this morning. I always have such a hard time deciding which pictures to show. I’m so glad that I found this template from CoffeeTeaPhotography. It is such a great way to highlight several photos at once. Here is the link to their site: http://coffeeteaphotography.blogspot.com/2007/09/coffeeshop-storyboard-actions-and.html

I’ve photographed “B” since he was a newborn..I can’t believe that half a year has already passed. Time moves so quickly. I’m so glad that his mommy and daddy chose me to document his first year of life. It blesses me so much!

I love shooting into the sun!

Love little baby toes!!

LOVE this!!!

Love baby hands!

The colorful blanket in the above photos was hand-made and I believe hand dyed for this little guy by his Grandma.

 Thanks for looking!



LensBaby Muse & New Backdrop/Terre Haute Indiana Photographer

I took the plunge and decided to order a lensbaby. I bought the Muse lens. Here is what it looks like.

It’s kind of different to work with at first, but I love the results. Definitely a neat little accessory to have in your bag. I also received another backdrop from http://www.facebook.com/PhotoPropFloorsandBackdrops. Just a word to photographers out there. These really are a great item to have for your sessions. I took this backdrop outside and shot with natural light. I love how they turned out.

My little one is such a model. I have a friend who keeps asking me when I’m going to sign her up to do some children modeling. 🙂




The next are lensbaby Muse examples. Notice how the edges of the photos are blurred.

Faux Barn Wood Floor and Backdrops/Indiana Children Photographer

I received my Barn Wood Floor and Antique looking backdrop from PhotoProp Floors & Backdrops yesterday. I really, really love them. I can’t wait to buy more. They are easy to store, easy to hang. I really think they make a wonderful addition to the photographers supplies. You can find PhotoProp Floors & Backdrops here: http://www.facebook.com/PhotoPropFloorsandBackdrops?ref=ts 

Here is a few photos that I took yesterday.


Jen & Julie/Indiana Portrait Photographer

Let me set up this little session we did. Jen came in October and these were done on the day she was scheduled to fly back to New Jersey. I love this little area in my hometown because of the way it looks, so we knew this was where we wanted to go. We took my tripod and remote for my camera there and set about trying to do our self portraits. When we got done, she checked her flight and realized it had been bumped up….it was a very busy hour of trying to get her to the airport…but we got her there. 🙂

I’m so glad that she was able to come for another visit and to help me shoot a senior session and a wedding while she was here. I hope to visit her in New Jersey one day soon.

To check out Jen’s work, please visit her blog and website:



My best friend leaves today

Today is a very sad day for my family and me. My best friend, Jen Rinaldi, leaves to go back home to New Jersey today. I have never had so much fun in my life. Even an accident on an icy road didn’t ruin our fun, we were/are sore….but we still had fun.

I met Jen through a photography forum 2 years ago in April. It started off through there, then one day I sent her a private message through that forum and that turned into conversations through e-mail and Instant Messages on AIM. Then, on December 22 last year on her birthday I made the first phone call to wish her Happy Birthday. I was so afraid to call because I was afraid that we wouldn’t have anything to talk about……..btw……we can talk up to 3 hours and never run out of things to say. Then, almost a year after our first “live’ conversation, she visits Indiana. How cool is that? I believe that God had His hands in all this. I just  love this lady…she is everything that she seems. She has a big heart that is pure gold. I was afraid that when she came here that she would be bored, or that she would think that I was different from what she expected. I never once felt uncomfortable having her here. My sisters thought I was really getting out of my comfort zone, because I really am a homebody and I dislike disruption to my schedule. I never once felt like I was out of my comfort zone. Jen truly just fit it with our life that it is going to be so odd not to have her here.

I will be sharing some out takes from last night that are truly hysterical. I thought my sides were going to split as Jen and I were looking at them last night. For now, here are some from our photogs in the milo field. LOL

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Jen Rinaldi in action

Like I posted the other day, my friend Jen Rinaldi Photography is here in Indiana until Wednesday. I can’t believe that we only have 2 full days left and then she goes back to New Jersey. I’m going to miss her so much, my girls will too. They both call her Jen-Jen. You’ll have to check out her blog for cool photographs that she did with my oldest and my niece, Brittany. Yesterday we went to the old High School/Middle School in my town with my oldest niece to do her Senior Pictures a little early. She graduates in 2010 and we thought that she would really love having two people photograph her. It was nice to get some shots of me in action as well as photographing Jen in action too.

Jen’s blog link is: http://blog.jenrinaldiphotography.com/

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I also did Jen’s portraits. I will be sharing those as soon as I get more edited. Tuesday we are going to Terre Haute to do an urban style session. That is going to be a good time. Tomorrow, we are hitting Mansfield and Bridgeton to see the Christmas displays.