Wireless triggers for flashes/Indiana Photographer

I have a session to post for a sneak peek but decided to write a post about a new item I recently purchased for my flash and camera. I have studio lights, which are really nice….and as anyone who I’ve used them on can tell you…they aren’t very portable. There is a lot that goes into bringing them and setting up. When my friend Jen Rinaldi came to visit last year, she brought these wireless triggers for all her flashes. I loved the ease of set up…very cool. But, I didn’t think that I could use those because I don’t have a Nikon Flash, I use a Sigma.

Fast forward to July. When I shot with Anna Lynch McClary, she also used flashes for studio lights. Again, I was curious about all that and had asked her to send me a link of where she got her triggers. Jen had sent me links of where she got hers, but my problem was that I still didn’t have a Nikon SB800 and when I looked for them…I found out that they stopped making those and I really don’t have it in the budget to buy a SB900 yet. So, anyway, when Anna sent me the link to where she got her triggers, I saw that they have those triggers for my Sigma.

I was/am elated! I bought one right then and there. I got it in the mail on Monday and I’m posting the results that I got last night. I tested it on my girls, then I immediately used it for the session that I did last night. My husband was so great to hold the umbrella and the flash for me.

Here is the link to where I bought it:


Now to the pictures