Having too much fun!

These people are so great and so much fun.

“Pucker and smile!”
The guys had to have some fun too.

I LOVE this photograph! I applied an aged Linen over the photo

A tender moment between brother and sister.


New pictures from the wedding

First of all, I want to give a big shout out to Pioneer Woman and Action Central. The boost action from Pioneer woman and the Vanilla Black and white from Action Central are the two main actions used on these photos. LOVE THEM!!!! Check them out. The links are on the right side of my blog if interested.

I love the photos posted here. I hope Lindsay and Will and their families are enjoying looking.

Wabash River wildlife

We went out for Ice Cream one evening and went to the Wabash River to eat it. With all the rain that we’ve had lately, the River was up and out of its banks. E. loves to feed the ducks and geese, unfortunatly we didn’t bring any dried bread to feed them. That didn’t stop them, as soon as the geese and ducks see humans, they came very quickly. They were a little put out though.

Once again, I used the free actions from PioneerWoman’s website.