{Josh|High School Senior Session}Clinton Indiana High School Senior Photographer

Josh is a Senior at S.V. H. S. in Clinton. He is graduating next month!

I met Josh when I photographed his sister’s wedding this past October. He has such a wonderful family! The whole family, along with Josh’s girlfriend met up Jen and I at Fairbanks Park. The weather has been so beautiful for sessions and this day was no different.

Jen Stow of Jen Rinaldi Photographer (http://blog.jenrinaldiphotography.com/) was here for this session too. 🙂

Here are a few of my favorites!

{Amanda|High School Senior Session} Clinton Indiana High School Senior Photographer

Meet Amanda!! She is a 2012 Senior at S.V. in Clinton. I met her when she was a Sophomore while her and my daughter were in choir together. Amanda is so sweet and pretty. She also has this amazingly cute little girl!

I shot this session with my good friend Jen Stow from Virginia (http://blog.jenrinaldiphotography.com/ ). Jen was visiting so we tag teamed for a few sessions while she was here. I always enjoy her visits and working with her on sessions. I won’t post her photos, but when she gets hers up, I’ll update this to include the link.

We met in Clinton for her session. Most people miss the great opportunities that their little cities give. You may have lived there all your life and think, “there isn’t anything cool in ___________”, but if you look close enough you’ll find great places for pictures. I’m still discovering little places in my town.

Hello Beautiful!

Thank you Amanda for allowing Jen and I to capture your Senior photos!! Good luck in all you do!

Samara W~Day two~Outdoor session

Samara and I went to beautiful Parke county for our outdoor session. I’m so glad that the weather was nicer than when we did the studio session. It was windy and a little chilly, but the sun was out and it was such a beautiful day.

I could seriously do Senior sessions for the rest of my life. I LOVE hanging out with Seniors, they are so much fun. All the seniors that I photographed are full of fun and are willing to try new things. Samara and I had a lot of laughs. Poor thing probably has thorns in her flag, lol.

For this post, I’m going to try to include some information about the pictures about what I was thinking when I took the shot to maybe help other photographers.

In the image below, it was taken toward the end of our session. There is a field in Parke County with a bunch of old antique and rusty cars. I’ve tried twice to go and get permission to photograph in there, but no one is ever home. So, when we saw this old barn, I told her that we would go by there on our way back to Clinton. When I asked the permission, the guy looked like I had horns growing out of my head. There was a huge dog there too that looked like he could eat us for a snack. LOL When we were walking around the barn, there were two old cars that were so cool.

I always look at the sun to see where it is and how it makes the environment look. I told Samara to face towards it and in this picture, I believe I bumped my ISO up to 800 and used 100% natural light. I think it looks so wonderful.

Samara is in the drill team at High School and I had an image in my mind that I knew that I had to capture. We tried to find a hill where there wouldn’t be any trees in the background. Well, after getting lost briefly we found a hill. I asked her to climb it, only to find out that she had to go through sticker bushes to get to an open area. :o( Sorry Samara. This image came out exactly how I imagined it. I love the way she posed and the way she held the flag. I think it was worth the adventure.

I just love the way the light is hitting her face. So beautiful!

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I added a texture to the last one. I asked her, “Is this the look you give your mom?” She said yes! I LOVE it, so full of attitude.

Thanks Samara for an awesome time!! You are so great!

Samara W ~ S.V.H.S. Sneek Peek

I am really starting to love photographing senior’s. I have to admit, at first, kids this age made me nervous. I’m not sure why, but they did. However, the more I work with this age group, the more comfortable I am becoming around them. They are sweet, funny, refreshing. They have big dreams and remind me of a time when I was that age.

Samara is no exception. What a beautiful girl! She was/is my first client using my studio set-up and the images came out so lovely. We did our session in two days because the weather here in Indiana was yucky and cold and because the lighting wasn’t good. So, on Wednesday, we’ll be doing our “urban” shoot in our local town.

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Senior shoot part 2

This is more from the session I did with Ashley. I am really pleased with how they are coming out. The colors that she chose to wear really just help to make every color pop. To see part 1 of this session, just scroll down to the one under this post.