Happy 1st Birthday “A”/Terre Haute Indiana Infant and Children Photographer

I was so blessed to meet up with “A” and his mommy early one morning at the end of September. I’ve wanted to do a session in the early morning, so I’m glad that it worked out for them to meet then. “A” is SO cute!! In several of the images it looked as if he was singing to me…I think he was. Either that or he was giving me heck. lol!

I love this

“Who me?”

Simply beautiful!

Here is he….serenading me…or giving me a what for. lol 🙂

This wagon is very special to the family, so we made sure to include it in the session.

Hello gorgeous!

Another little one that’s not a huge fan of cake.

Happy Birthday little guy!!



Happy 1st Birthday “L”/Terre Haute Indiana Infant and Toddler Photographer

Meet Miss “L”. She is the cousin of one of my Tiny Blessing Clients. They share the same birth month. I think it’s so cool that they are going to grow up together, I can see them acting more like sisters instead of cousins. I just love that!

When I photographed her cousins 1 year session, “T” was a little more picky with her cake. “L” on the other hand was a little more….shall we say….excited about her cake. lol She got so messy!! It was really cute!

She is such a pretty little girl…it was hard to pick out which ones to show you.

Enjoy some of my favorites!


She cleans up pretty good, huh? 🙂

Love this!

My best friend leaves today

Today is a very sad day for my family and me. My best friend, Jen Rinaldi, leaves to go back home to New Jersey today. I have never had so much fun in my life. Even an accident on an icy road didn’t ruin our fun, we were/are sore….but we still had fun.

I met Jen through a photography forum 2 years ago in April. It started off through there, then one day I sent her a private message through that forum and that turned into conversations through e-mail and Instant Messages on AIM. Then, on December 22 last year on her birthday I made the first phone call to wish her Happy Birthday. I was so afraid to call because I was afraid that we wouldn’t have anything to talk about……..btw……we can talk up to 3 hours and never run out of things to say. Then, almost a year after our first “live’ conversation, she visits Indiana. How cool is that? I believe that God had His hands in all this. I just  love this lady…she is everything that she seems. She has a big heart that is pure gold. I was afraid that when she came here that she would be bored, or that she would think that I was different from what she expected. I never once felt uncomfortable having her here. My sisters thought I was really getting out of my comfort zone, because I really am a homebody and I dislike disruption to my schedule. I never once felt like I was out of my comfort zone. Jen truly just fit it with our life that it is going to be so odd not to have her here.

I will be sharing some out takes from last night that are truly hysterical. I thought my sides were going to split as Jen and I were looking at them last night. For now, here are some from our photogs in the milo field. LOL

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