Sneak Peek~”B & E”/Terre Haute Indiana Photographer

My weekend was filled with young people and I loved it so much! On Sunday, I met up with these two lovely ladies for a best friend session. I don’t think I’ve walked so much in a long time. We started out on the campus of ISU and ended our day on the railroad tracks. They have a fun style that matches their personality. Here is your peek girls! I had a blast! ❤

Teen portraits/Indiana Teen Photographer

I’m still around and still editing, but I’m on a mini vacation from session until after the first of the year. I’m preparing my 2010 pricing, some packages and such. I’ll be announcing all of that on January 2nd.

I was burning some of my early 2009 personal family photos and realized that there were photos I haven’t edited. The ones I’m highlighting are from November, though. There will be more personal photos that I’ll be sharing soon.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season. Please remember to slow down and enjoy this time in life.

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LOVE this one. It’s three photos merged together….obviously, right? LOL

I’m experimenting with a few different actions and textures and I’m kind of liking it. I’m not sure that I would use them with clients, but I might. Not sure yet. 🙂

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Check out this blog from MCP Actions. I got a lot of free textures from the links posted.

Kayla P.~2010 S.V.H.S./Indiana High School Senior Photographer

I finished up Kayla’s session yesterday. I really am so pleased with the way the session turned out. The lighting on the second day was just so beautiful. I am noticing more and more lately that the sunlight seems softer in the fall. Very beautiful.

Kayla, I really enjoyed working with you. Have a great Senior year!

Kayla is an amazing artist! Check out this picture

LOVE this image!! Love the light, location, everything!

Sneak Peek~Haley~Oakwood High School/Illinois High School Senior Photographer

I met up with Hayley yesterday at Newport. Hayley brought her 2-year-old  daughter, mom and her best friend. Hayley’s daughter “A” is just the cutest little lady. I would take a picture of her and then I would saw “awww” when I saw the image and she would say “aww”. This little lady loves her mommy…oh it was such a joy to watch. You can tell that Hayley is such a good mommy. 🙂

Hayley is also very pretty, towards the end of our session..apparently others were appreciating her beauty as well. 😉

Here is a small peek of our session…more to come soon.

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Kalli~2010 S.V.H.S Senior/Indiana High School Senior Photographer

I’m slowly getting through the numerous sessions that I had in October. =D

Kalli is such a neat girl to be around. When I first met her at the beginning of the year, I could see why she should be a cheerleader. This girl has energy and she never stops smiling. I love it! Her smile is infectious!


Bri and I really had fun hanging out with you too.

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We got a little bit country in these. 😉

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And we wouldn’t be complete without her little doggie. So cute!

Sneak Peek~Kayla P.~S.V.H.S. Senior/Indiana High School Senior Photographer

October was a very wet month and because of that, Kayla and I had a hard time finishing up the session. I had her scheduled only to have to reschedule twice. On the day of the session, we ended up getting rained on about 15-30 minutes into it. Finally, this past Saturday we had the most gorgeous weather ever!

We started at 10 a.m. and the sunlight was just so yummy!!! This session was also a first for me. I shot the entire session in Manual. This may not mean anything to most, but the photographers reading this will know. Usually I shoot either in Priority mode, or in Aperature Priority. I don’t imagine that I’ll use manual when shooting families with little ones though.

Enjoy your peek, more to come soon.

Jessica~2010 S.V.H.S. Senior/Indiana High School Senior Photographer

I finished with Jessica’s Pictures last night and had too many favorites to just highlight a few so I made a video in Animoto. Towards the end of the video you’ll see that I made her friend get into a couple of the shots. Her friend helped me out during the session holding my flash and umbrella.


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Brittany~2010 S.V.H.S./Indiana High School Senior Photographer

Here are some of my favorite images from our evening session. Brittany is very tall and I’m very short. =) We made it work though, huh?

Brittany’s fiance and his family allowed us to use their farm for her pictures. What a neat background and very big photo props. I’m not a farm girl so if I tried to tell you the machine she was sitting on…well, I’ll just embarress myself so I won’t try. 🙂 There was a lot of climbing on it though to get some of these shots. It was fun.

Thank you Brittany for allowing me to photograph you. Good Luck in the future!

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Sneak Peek~Jessica~S.V.H.S. 2010 Senior/Indiana High School Senior Photographer

Due to the lovely and unpredictable Indiana weather we had to reschedule our session. Thankfully Saturday’s weather held off and turned out to be fairly good. It did start sprinkling right at the very end, but by then we had gotten all the shots that we were after.

Jessica brought her friend Bailey along for support, but I ended up using Bailey to help me. LOL Thanks Bailey…you made a great helper.

As you all will see, Jessica has amazing eyes!! Enjoy your sneak peek.

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Sneak Peek~Kalli~S.V.H.S 2010 Senior/Indiana High School Senior Photographer

I met with Kalli to take her Senior pictures this afternoon. She wanted to make sure to include some pictures of her in her cheerleading uniform. She told me that she has been a cheerleader since 5th grade. She has the perfect personality to be a cheerleader. I have never seen her without a smile. She has a great smile!

Here are only a couple for right now. Of course, more to come soon.

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