Lindsey and Will~ 1 year later

I wanted to wish Lindsey and Will a big Happy Anniversary. It was one year ago that they got married. I have had the awesome privilege of getting to know them better throughout this year. They are simply awesome. They are each others best friend, devoted to each other and their daughter. You guys rock!

Here is a few photos from their wedding and a few from their anniversary session.

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Pretty in Pink

I ordered my first seamless paper after Christmas and got it yesterday. I love it! I chose to order the pastel pink as I do have a lot of little girls in my life and thought this would make a great choice. I couldn’t wait to get my little one in front of it to see how it looked. I noticed a couple of things: 1) I need to play around with the positioning of my lights and 2) the pink does seem to cast a slight pink hue to the skin. I tried to get rid of that on her, but I think I have to try again on a few of them. I want to get the chestnut brown and a blue seamless paper in the near future.

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Yes….there is more and more…..

I’m editing the actual wedding now. Looking at some of the images I think, “eh, could be better”, other images I’m think, “sweet! I didn’t know I caught this one.” LOL

The little ones had fun too

Okay, a quick post before heading to bed. Since I took the privacy off the website for their gallery, Lindsay and Will and their families should be able to view the site without any problems. ;o)

I’m trying to work through the pictures as quickly as possible so that I can put the buy option on the site for any family members that would like to purchase prints. Give me another week or so.

Little Miss E was so hot, I think. She decided to set this one out.

This one I just HAD to add. Doesn’t it just scream, ‘your gonna get it?’

I kept chuckling as I was editing this. LOL

Having too much fun!

These people are so great and so much fun.

“Pucker and smile!”
The guys had to have some fun too.

I LOVE this photograph! I applied an aged Linen over the photo

A tender moment between brother and sister.

New pictures from the wedding

First of all, I want to give a big shout out to Pioneer Woman and Action Central. The boost action from Pioneer woman and the Vanilla Black and white from Action Central are the two main actions used on these photos. LOVE THEM!!!! Check them out. The links are on the right side of my blog if interested.

I love the photos posted here. I hope Lindsay and Will and their families are enjoying looking.

Bride’s Photographs

I’ve been working slowly on the Bride’s pictures. I’ve had to re-do some of them to get them exactly the way I want them to look.

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