Ryan & Rebecca ~ E-session/Terre Haute

I had the awesome privilege of photographing Ryan and Rebecca’s engagement session on Saturday. We are all members of the same church. Rebecca’s sister is a photographer in Oklahoma,and will be photographing the wedding.  Since her sis lives so far away, I asked to take their engagement photographs as a gift to them.

I am so happy for these two as they start their life together. The love they share for each other is very apparent. 😉  They make such an awesome couple and I am so blessed to know them.

Rebecca, Ryan and Timothy (Ryans son)

Rebecca, Ryan and Timothy (Ryan's son)


Scott and Sarah~E-Session

Today I met up with Scott and Sarah at their house outside of Indy. We really had a good time and spent all day together going to the Canal, to the Indianapolis Museum of Arts and to The Traders Point Creamery, which by the way is where their wedding will be held in August. These two are so cute together and I’m sure that they will have many, many happy years together. They just fit, : p

These were taken during the beginning of our time together. When I’m finished, I’ll make a video like the ones you’ve been seeing on here to show you the rest.

I can’t wait to photograph your wedding in August! It is going to be awesome.

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