Newborn Session~”B”/Indiana Newborn Photographer

Heather contacted me while she was still pregnant to do “B”s newborn pictures. Finally, the call came that he was here. Heather and Net had to drive almost 2 hours to get to her mom’s home in Parke County. When I arrived, her mom been in the ER and the only good light available was in her bedroom. Even though she really didn’t have to, she insisted on moving to the guest room so that we could hold the session in there. I felt horrible, BUT we did get great pics with 100% all natural light.

I am so in love with these pics. If I’m not mistaken, Net said he is a budding photog and I could tell. He was really easy to work with and “posing” him was really easy. He seemed to know what I was asking. ha!

Enjoy the pictures I chose to show. ❤

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6 month “T”/Clinton Indiana Infant Photographer

We did “T”s 3 month session the day before his 4 month birthday…so his 6 month birthday didn’t take too long to get here. 🙂 Even in the short amount of time, “T” has gotten so much bigger. Oh and he can giggle!!! I couldn’t believe how much he giggled for me. What a little doll baby!!!

Enjoy my favorites. I can’t wait to meet up with them for his 9 month session.


Eddie~2011 T.H.S.V. Senior/Terre Haute High School Senior Photographer

We have some crazy fluctuations in temperatures this year, haven’t we?

Anyway, I met up with Eddie, his sister and his mom on a very chilly October. We met up at Deming Park. I really love going here and especially love going in the fall. Eddie will be heading to the Marines for Basic Training after graduation. He is such a nice kid.

Here are my favorites from our session. Good luck Eddie!


Katie~T.H. South Senior/Terre Haute High School Senior Photographer

It seems like such a long time since I photographed Katie. I met up with her and her mom for some studio shots, then from there we headed to a favorite place for photographs, Deming Park. I am so glad that we chose to go towards the back of the park. I don’t usually venture that far back, I’m so glad that we did. Such another pretty spot of this park.

Katie was on Terre Haute South’s Volleyball team. I heard this team did very well. They were always on the news. 😉

Enjoy some fo my favorites.


This is her game face. I wouldn’t mess with her. 🙂

She seriously looks like a model. Such a pretty girl!

Taylor~2011 T.H.S.V. Senior/Terre Haute Indiana High School Senior Photographer

Taylor, her mom and I met up at Bridgeton, Indiana at 8:00 a.m. It’s a good thing that we did because I think by 9:30 we were all an icky mess. Taylor really did a fabulous job and it was so great to be around her and her mom again. I photographed her older sisters wedding last year and that is how I got to meet her and her mom. What great people!!

I have several favorites, (don’t I always, lol) so bear with me.

Thanks for looking!


This is the view I had when I parked that morning.


Sneak Peek~Taylor 2011 S.Vigo/Terre Haute High School Senior Photographer

I met up with Taylor and her mom yesterday morning at 8:00 a.m. in Bridgeton. Bridgeton is in Parke County and is such a beautiful place for pictures. I’m glad that we started as early as we did….by 9:30 or so…it was getting too hot for outdoor pictures. From Bridgeton, we headed to my house for the studio part of her session. Here is a peek for now of her session. Check back for more.

Meet “Tank”

Isn’t she stunning?