A quick post about “E”

I know I said that I would be back in March, but I just had to post a really quick set of my little one.

Yesterday we went through some totes of clothes that she had and in there were a bunch of clothes that she was able to fit into. Well, the first outfit that she tried on was so adorable. (They are actually all adorable, but was only able to snap these) We went outside very quickly to snap some poses. I have to explain about the pioneer woman style hat though. A long time ago my Great Aunt Clara would wear this type of hat when she would work outside. I’m not really sure why, but she did. My mom bought a few of these and gave them to her granddaughters. My oldest still had hers because I put it in a chest as a keepsake. Anyway, while I was cleaning out that chest I found it and gave it to E. She loved that thing and wouldn’t take it off even for the pictures. 😀 I did manage to get her to put the white hat on though. BTW…..these all were done in 5 shots….it was cold out there and spitting large snowflake, after that we went back in.

Attic Vintage

Attic Vintage

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Using fill flash

B. wanted me to take her pictures today. I wasn’t feeling the best, but who am I to pass on a portrait session, right? It’s more practice. So, it was a very overcast day and I thought I would try using my on board flash to practice lifting the shadows from her eyes. I wanted to diffuse the flash though so it wouldn’t be so harsh, so out came my t. paper. Yes, I used toilet paper to diffuse my flash. Hey, whatever works, right? I did find that I had to adjust the strength of the flash a bit. All in all I think they came out pretty good.

I used Pioneer woman’s free action, boost, on these.

Free Actions

This has to be the most versatile set of free actions that I’ve seen. I know that there a lot of free choices from actioncentral, but for my needs…these are the easiest and most effective actions.

My friend Jen gave me the heads up on these. They are from PioneerWoman.com and here is the link. http://thepioneerwoman.com/photography/

Definetly a site to check out.

Boost action