Trying something fun with my editing

Here is my youngest. I thought I would try something a little fun with the edit tonight. You’ll see first the original copy, then one with a selective focus, and then vanilla black and white.

I have to give a big shout out to actioncentral. I LOVE this site!!! They totally rock. There are so many free actions that it’s hard to choose which ones. I found the selective focus one the other day.

Messing with textured overlays

It seems that using texture on photographs is everywhere. I love this technique. If done right it just seems to make a special photograph, even more special. I don’t know, but I love it.

Here is a photograph of a teeter-totter that is next door to my sisters house. From what I’ve heard, this was the actual teeter-totter that this neighbors kids used to play on and this neighbor is in her upper 80’s? I’m not sure, but I know that this thing is old.

Flowers, moths, and bees

Happy Friday!!!

I know quite the combination. Today I thought I would post something other than people. Give me and everyone else a break. LOL

Last year when I was still using the Kodak Z650, I saw in my lavendar bush this huge bee looking thing. I thought maybe a bee had mutated or something. I mean it was huge! Anyway, after much research I found out that my “bee” was actually a hummingbird moth. This year I saw one on my butterfly bush. I was really excited at trying to capture it again this time using my Nikon D40x. I forgot to set my ISO back down to 200……that is why it looks a little grainy. I was pretty excited though when I looked closely at the picture and could see the “tounge” reaching out for nectar/pollen whatever it is they drink.

More from the Newborn shoot

This is going to be a long week. My oldest, B, is away at church camp until Friday in Rushville, Illinois. It is a 4 hour drive there. Let me just say it was REAL quiet in our house last night. *sigh*

As I was taking pictures of “L”, I was wondering how some would turn out. Last night, as I was editing a few, I was amazed. Not at what I did, but how photoshop made a good picture really great. Here are a lot of the photos from that session.

Preview of Miss "L"

I just got back home from doing a shoot with another adorable little one. She is 3 weeks 1 day old today. What a little petite doll.

You all might remember her parents from this post…

Sun Flares, exposure, and a reflector

I need to finish up my photographs from the fair, and I will, but I took B and E outside tonight to try using my new “reflector”. It really works great. I need to get some gold spray paint and paint one side of it and see how it affects the photos. With B. I was trying to achieve some sun flare and I did on my very last shot. Ya!!

I’m also adding one of E. that I took using my studio lights. I hadn’t used them in awhile so I thought I would try again.