The “D” Family/Indiana Family Photographer

This is another wonderful family that I had the pleasure to meet up with before Christmas. I have to say, this is the largest group photo that I have taken so far…and I enjoyed every minute of it. One of the families you will recognize as one of my Tiny Blessing families. Little Miss “T”  and “L” are the center of attention when the boys are around. They just love their little girls. The 4 boys’ mom and dad went to High School with me, so I’ve known them for awhile.

I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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The “M” Girls Christmas Portraits/Indiana Photographer

I took these earlier this month, but wanted to wait until their Christmas cards came out before sharing them on here and on Facebook. People who frequent my blog will recognize these little cuties. The littlest cutie is my little ones best friend. I’m pretty sure I’ve said that before, lol.

Their mommy dresses them in the most cutest outfits ever!! I could seriously photograph them all day and not get tired.

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The “I” Family

I really enjoyed going to Kim’s house to photograph her and her family. This is seriously a beautiful family.

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Teen portraits/Indiana Teen Photographer

I’m still around and still editing, but I’m on a mini vacation from session until after the first of the year. I’m preparing my 2010 pricing, some packages and such. I’ll be announcing all of that on January 2nd.

I was burning some of my early 2009 personal family photos and realized that there were photos I haven’t edited. The ones I’m highlighting are from November, though. There will be more personal photos that I’ll be sharing soon.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season. Please remember to slow down and enjoy this time in life.

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LOVE this one. It’s three photos merged together….obviously, right? LOL

I’m experimenting with a few different actions and textures and I’m kind of liking it. I’m not sure that I would use them with clients, but I might. Not sure yet. 🙂

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Check out this blog from MCP Actions. I got a lot of free textures from the links posted.

Girls just wanna have fun/Terre Haute Photographer

It’s always a lot of fun to be around a bunch of girls who know how to be natural in front of the camera. It’s even better when the girls are best friends. This group of girls have been friends for a very long time. I love these pictures.

I was asked to take them “getting ready” for the Annual Snowball Dance that is held in Terre Haute by one of the girls’ mom. I love being able to capture a particular time in a childs life. I took her pictures last year as well, so it was neat to see some of the pictures hanging on the daughter’s wall, from that time.

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Happy 2nd Birthday/Indiana Event Photographer

This is little “E” and she celebrated her birthday in November. I’m sure many of my regular blog readers remember this little cutie. She has changed so much since the last time I photographed her.

Happy Birthday “E”!!!

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Sneak Peek~ The “I” Family/Indiana Family Photographer

I’ve known this family since the youngest daughter was a baby. Of course, that makes me feel pretty old, lol. I was so glad to be contacted by Kim to do her families photos. They are all so gorgeous! They also resemble each other, ALOT!

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